2022 Fees can be paid now
Notices were sent November 21, 2022 for the January 1st to December 31st 2022 Fiscal year. Fees have been set at $208.85 (inc. GST).

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Architectural Guidelines

“The City of Kelowna ensure that we register the Architectural Design Guidelines on each and every persons land title in BlueSky. During construction, we enforce the guidelines via a deposit when a lot is purchased. Once the home and buildings are complete our consultant does an inspection. If the inspection meets the guidelines, then we release the deposit.

The reason the guidelines are registered on title is for home owners to have a tool to help keep the neighbourhood consistent and they are “TO BE ENFORCED BY THOSE WHO ARE SUBJECT TO THEM”. All the properties in the Uplands are privately owned and the roads and sidewalks belong to the City of Kelowna. This means that the “community” meaning you and your neighbours are responsible to enforce them.

The first thing I would do is talk to all of my neighbors and as a group, call City of Kelowna By-law to see what you can do.”

BlueSky Trail Trails, Hillsides & Forest

The original trails that were built on the City of Kelowna Parkland above Stockley up to the beautiful viewpoint have been there for many years.  The 340 steps, rock benches, and fencing at viewpoints, were created to the specification of the City of Kelowna.  The City provides garbage cans as well.  The trails in this parkland above Cypress Point were built in partnership Between Melcor Developments and The City of Kelowna with a shared cost of over $400,000.

Since the trails above Cypress were created, Melcor has gone on to build a variety of Natural trails within the community, to allow access to the hillsides and views for all residents.  Please note Natural trails will never have snow removal.

Our hillsides and forests have a very special and unique ecosystem that we take very seriously.

Please click here for a download version for the BlueSky Trail Map. This map was recently created to help educate the community about ALL of the natural trails in BlueSky providing species of animals, birds, vegetation, etc. that share the hillsides with us humans.  OUR DEVELOPMENT | BlueSky At Black Mountain

The trees along Stockley Street are maintained both by the City of Kelowna as well as the Cypress Residents.  The trees/vegetation below your lands were planted by the Cypress community based on the Development Permit that was created with the City of Kelowna before Cypress was ever allowed to begin developing the property.  The trees on the Cypress property are the responsibility of Cypress.

Please never remove dead branches from any trees not on the Cypress property as it may be harmful to their growth and cause further stress and damage.