On behalf of Melcor Developments Ltd, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to BlueSky at Black Mountain and are confident that you will enjoy this unique community for many years!

Melcor is committed to building communities where residents can live, work, play and shop.

Within the community, residents can bike or go for a walk around the community’s connected walking trails, parks, Tennis Courts and much more.

Homeowners quite often have questions about their community. Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the BlueSky at Black Mountain Equitable Charge.  

To ensure the community is maintained to a high standard, Melcor has registered an Equitable Charge on each lot in the community to manage and maintain assets and features in the community for the long-term use, enjoyment, and benefit of all BlueSky residents and helps ensure their financial sustainability over time.

Yes. All residents and property owners have their title registered with a caveat for the Annual Equitable Charge. Payment is mandatory with the purchase of a home in BlueSky and applies to each property owner.

The payment is secured by a caveat between $170 and $200 (subject to upward adjustment for inflation & GST) is registered on the title to each owner’s lot. The fiscal year runs from January 1st to December 31st of the current year. The 2022 Equitable Charge is set at $198.90 plus GST.

BlueSky residents’ benefit by having certain amenities and assets in their community maintained including entry features, trails, open spaces, and boulevards, which will serve to set BlueSky apart from other communities that do not have the ability to maintain open spaces to a higher standard.

BlueSky, including the features and amenities, is managed, and administered by Core Management.

There are various garbage barrels in the community that are maintained either by the Black Mountain Golf Club or the City of Kelowna.  Melcor owns properties until such time as each area is registered with land titles.  The City owned garbage cans are well identified as such, near City trails etc., with dog disposal bags.  The temporary garbage cans are the responsibility of the Black Mountain Golf Club via the Equitable Charge.

The City of Kelowna has put the responsibility on Melcor for parking at the entrance to the walking trails on Stockley St. even though it is a City of Kelowna Right of Way.  Please note that we will be placing signage in this area and any boats, trailers, unlicensed vehicles, etc. will be towed at the owner’s expense.

We all have visitors from outside the Okanagan as well as families, children, and teenagers from our community and nearby.  Sometimes visitors are not respectful to our community and as such, we need to stand together and form a bond to help keep our neighbourhoods safe.  We have installed cameras, paid for security services, and policed our own development but, the people of the community are needed to band together to help the neighbourhood. 

The police must be called for all violations. 

We work with many builders and establish successful relationships to ensure they are operating to the highest standards. Unfortunately, in rare instances a builder may not keep their commitment. We will contact the bylaw department and find out if any permits have lapsed as that seemed to help get some of the issues resolved.  However, again as a community, it is helpful if others contact the City as well. 

The lamp posts on the walkway across from the Clubhouse are currently the property of Melcor.  Melcor is responsible to repair/replace the vandalized posts. 

In the future, when we register the phase 7 portion of our development this area will become park land held by the City of Kelowna.

We mailed trail maps to everyone in the community showing trail lengths, locations, species of animals, descriptions, etc.

The new directional signage that goes with the maps will be installed summer 2020. 

The connecting road to our community via Loseth is anticipated to be completed in 2021. 

All accesses to this area are blocked off because this is private property and should not be used by any sort of vehicles.  We do however; allow people to walk through the area at their own risk.

Our goal is to continue to suppress weeds on properties still owned by Melcor.  By maintaining the weeds, we are bringing back the natural grasses, shrubs, and environment that belong on the hillside developments.  We have had tremendous success on our hydro seeded slopes and look forward to next year when most of the weeds will be exhausted.  This is a long-term project that we intend to continue.

Fortis (Street Lights)


Fortis (gas, emergency)


Bylaw, City of Kelowna


Black Mountain Golf Club


The Grill at Black Mountain Golf Club


Canada Post


Dog Control (complaints)


RCMP Community Policing

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