#1. How do you say it? According to our local Syilx language speaker the pronunciation is closer to “sins – te – KEEL – ten” with an emphasis on the KEEL. As you say, minimize the vowel in ‘sins’ and the ‘te’ is really just the ‘t’ as well.

#2. What is it?: It is the largest park in the Central Okanagan and is 640 acres in size

#3. Check out the students constructing trails get ready for the opening https://globalnews.ca/news/4592461/students-help-construct-new-trail-at-central-okanagans-largest-regional-park/

#4. Where is it and what is it for: https://www.regionaldistrict.com/your-services/parks-services/parks-and-trails/22-black-mountain-sntskilnt%C9%99n-regional-park.aspx